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Frosted Hemp fot tanning beds

Frosted Hemp 8.5oz Swedish Beauty
Frosted Hemp 8.5oz Swedish Beauty
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Frosted Hemp by Swedish Beauty Dark Tanning Intensifier Formula with Hemp and Body Blush™ Blend

For the most dramatic, dark tan possible, Frosted Hemp ® Dark Bronzing Formula combines the added exuberance of cooling power with the color power of Body Blush™ Blend. This powerful formula contains a unique combination of exclusive moisturizing elements and skin conditioners for the healthiest-looking tan possible.

Bronzing Formula for dark color.

Body Blush™ Blend for an immediate photo-reactive blushed glow.

Refreshing cooling essence revives and regenerates skin cells.

Hemp Seed Extract provides ultimate hydration for a longer-lasting tan.

Hydrating Orchid provides utmost hydration.

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