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Free Shipping on Orders Over $100

Free Shipping

Superhealthcenter will be offering free domestic ground shipping on all products and manufacturers when the order is over $100.00 and under 5 pounds. If your order is over 5 pounds, you DO NOT get free shipping!

If the order is over 5 pounds we will deduct $6.99 from the overall shipping total. Even though when you put your order through and it shows 0 for the shipping cost, we will add shipping to your order after you get your first confirmation. Please do not email or call about this.

This is just another way of saying Thank You to all of our dedicated and loyal consumers. Without all of you we would not be here giving you our great selection of products and low every day prices. Please bookmark this page and watch for what great supplements we will be offering free shipping on next week and the weeks following!!

Use coupon code: groundfree for free ground shipping!

You can not combine coupons. Only one can be used per order. No exceptions.

This coupon does not apply to International orders. No questions asked!

Cost for shipments over 5 pounds with use of coupon:

11-15 pounds = 8.99 (minus 6.99) = 3.00

16-20 pounds = 14.99 (minus 6.99)= 8.00

21-25 pounds = 17.99(minus 6.99) = 11.00

26-30 pounds = 21.99 (minus 6.99) = 14.00

We will call or email with the cost for orders over 31 pounds.