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Paralyzed by the flu shot?

The flu shot can do more than keep you from getting influenza;
it can possibly keep you from getting up ever again.

Its that time of year again where we see headlines featuring America’s flu shot inventory, the expected shortage, the ensuing frenzy to get signed up for your dose against death, the media induced scare tactics and lack of facilities offering them; all of this proceeded by the fatalities suffered in a slowly rising digit topping health news. We are frantically herded by media reports, medical recommendations, rushing shoulder to shoulder like cattle into the nearest flu vaccine clinic.

But do we know the risk the flu shot poses to us versus the risk of acquiring influenza if we are not vaccinated? Are we told without the duress of television induced urgency, that the flu shot is does not guarantee you won’t get the flu but that you just won’t die from it? In fact, most people don’t die from the flu itself, but influenza complications such as pneumonia. And inreality, you aren’t protected from every strain, just the most common. You feelin’ lucky?

The greatest risk during flu season may not be the flu itself, but the increased risk of developing a rare paralytic condition called Guillain Barre’s (GEE-YON BA-RAYS). Guillain Barre’s has been reported to occur more frequently following a flu vaccine injection. Reported by Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) after a period of more than a decade, there were 503 cases of this so called “rare” condition that begins as a paralysis of the lower limbs, slowly moving its way up your body. Some people fully recover from this condition after weeks; some after years; and sadly, some do not.

So, the people that don’t get the flu shot take their chances getting the flu, the ones who do are chancing potential permanent paralysis. There are many methods to avoid contracting communicable diseases, such as the widely available sinks in which you can wash your hands, the myriad antibacterial liquids, cough etiquette, not eating out etc. There is an arsenal of information on the web with natural methods of fighting disease that showcase organic material with antiseptic abilities such as dead sea salt hand scrubs, and tea tree oil to name a couple. There are also many supplements that can boost your immune system against common catching conditions; some companies are cashing in on this compiling many of the well known immune system enhancers into one pill. The owner of superhealthcenter.com explains the variety of supplements available to aid the immune system’s battle against the common cold and other diseases lurking on the doorknobs of every public establishment. “Everyone has heard of vitamin C’s immune system benefits, but there are a ton of other supplements we offer that are combination supplements tailored to each individual’s needs, as well as products people don’t typically associate with disease combat.”

So before you become a victim of news related anxiety that has you biting your nails

waiting to hear back from your doctor’s office on flu shot availability, check out your options to protect yourself from contagious disease and protect your ability to walk away (literally) from the optional flu vaccine.


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Paralyzed by the flu shot?