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Flash Point by iSatori
Sublingual Melt Tabs Technology

Flash Point 160ct iSatroi
Flash Point 160ct iSatroi
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Flash Point by iSatori was designed with sublingual melt tabs technology. Flash Point will start working faster than any other fat burner on the planet! Flash Point is the most advanced sublingual fat burner available today. Just put a tablet under your toung and within 33 seconds, you’ll start feeling it's full effects. Flash Point melts in your mouth and is absorbed through the buccal glands and the sublingual gland, for instant results.

Traditional pills, tablets, capsules, and liquid caps all have to be broken down in the stomach, taking over 23 minutes! By dissolving in your mouth, Flash Point Melt Tabs start working up to 7 times faster! Fat Burning has never been faster or easier!

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