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Benefits of Fish Oil

Having high cholesterol can put you at risk for having heart disease which is the leading cause of death in the United States. However, taking fish oil can help both lower your cholesterol and your risk for having heart disease.

Fish oil is made from tissue found in fatty fish such as salmon, tuna and herring. This tissue contains Omega-3 which can lower triglycerides, a type of fat found in blood. Lowering these triglycerides can help slightly lower blood pressure which is an important factor in heart health.

Ive been taking fish oil pills for almost two years now, said Chuck Smith. And even though my family has a history of heart problems, during my physical this year my doctor said my blood pressure looks good and Ive lowered the risk of heart problems by taking fish oil pills.

Lowering the risk of heart disease is just one of the many benefits of taking fish oil. Another advantage to taking fish oil is it can help with arthritis and joint pain. Fish oil is not a painkiller but after taking fish oil over an extended period of time, the symptoms of arthritis can be reduced.

I used to love to sew, said Virginia Wilson. But pain in my fingers from arthritis made it almost impossible. My daughter recommended I start taking fish oil and now I can sew and stitch again with almost no pain at all.

Fish oil can also promote mental health as well. Studies suggest that fish oil can help enhance your memory and concentration as well as combat depression and other mental illnesses.

If you are looking to improve your overall physical and mental health supplement your diet with fish oil. Simply include more fish to your diet or log onto www.superhealthcenter.com to purchase a bottle of fish oil!