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FiberTeq Fiber Supplement

FiberTeq 1.5lb VPX (Fiber Supplement)
FiberTeq 1.5lb VPX (Fiber Supplement)
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FIBERTEQ by VPX for Natural Weight Loss

For over-all health and rapid fat loss, your nutritional strategy must include high fiber foods. VPX FIBERTEQ™ is a powerful weapon in the ZERO IMPACT DIET™ and a convenient way to benefit from the most complete and excellent source of fiber. FIBERTEQ™ can be mixed into ZERO IMPACT™ PROTEIN, ZERO CARB® and DIETEX™ shakes or sprinkled on or mixed in with your favorite foods.

High fiber diets are now recommended by the National Academy of Sciences, the National Cancer Institute, and the Food and Nutrition Board.

• Fiber relieves constipation by making the stool bulkier and softer.

• Fiber stops diarrhea by absorbing excess water in the stool and, therefore, helps minimize colitis.

• Fiber helps relieve hemorrhoids, diverticulosis, discomfort and IBS(Irritable Bowel Syndrome).

• Fiber provides protection against gall stones.

• Fiber helps heal and prevent ulcers.

• A high fiber diet helps control weight, reduce cholesterol and control blood sugar.

High fiber causes the stool to pass through the bowel quickly and also absorbs toxins and prevents pollutants from being absorbed into the body.

FIBERTEQ™ - Another awesome physique transforming supplement from VPX!!

Recommended Use:

Always combine one scoop (18grams) of FIBERTEQ™ with 8 to 12 ounces of liquid before consuming. Taking FIBERTEQ™ without enough liquid can result in choking. Always begin use by taking half of the recommended serving size (1/2 scoop [nine grams]). Mix FIBERTEQ™ with a ZERO IMPACT™or ZERO CARB® PROTEIN shake, water or with your favorite beverage. Always consume at least eight additional ounces of water for each serving of FIBERTEQ™. Take medications and fat/oil soluble vitamins/supplements an hour prior to or four hours after using FIBERTEQ™.
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Fiber and you.

It is recommended that most adults should consume at least 14 grams of fiber per every 1,000 calories that they consume. Let’s face it even though you can get fiber in most nutrients such as fruits, whole grains, vegetables and beans some of us still cannot seem to get enough fiber through are normal diets. That’s where some of us have to supplement our fiber intake to help regulate our systems.

Benefits of fiber.

• Prevents ulcers
• Helps to prevents diabetes
• Reduces the risk of heart disease
• Reduces the risk of cancer
• Helps relieve constipation
• Helps speed up weight loss

As you can see there are a lot of benefits to living a healthy life style and fiber does play a great role in that. SuperHealthCenter.com has Fiber Nutrition Supplements for those of us who cannot seem to get a good daily amount of fiber from our diets alone.
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