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The Ingenious Geranium
And Its Fat Grabbin’ Agility

The body is a mysterious mass of flesh and tissue bound by your body’s ability to exact its effects on unsightly lumps and such. Multiple processes, systems, and corresponding chemical messengers unite methodically in myriad paths to optimize body fat percentage, however, some systems are not as in tune as others, but knowing how the body does it allows you to preempt the fat blasting unemployment of the adipose arsenal you carry around inside you. One of the most influential factors in fat oxidation is the activity of beta adrenergic receptors located throughout the body like little weigh stations for semis. These are activated by agonists, or chemicals that trigger their response; the most desired response is their infallible ambush on buns and thighs and abs alike. Beta receptors have the unbeatable ability to bust open the fort in which fat hides behind in the form of fat cell walls, and literally dissolve the contents, chewing them up and spitting them out. This process, most commonly initiated by the release of epinephrine, is facilitated by the exposure of fat cells to their catabolic counterparts, through the miracle messenger cAMP. Under normal circumstances, fat is secure and content behind their cellular walls, free to feed greedily upon your dietary intake increasing their own unsightly size and number. In order to enter their lipid lair, a password of sorts must be issued, that is where cAMP comes in. cAMP escorts the enemies of mush making lipids directly past their security and leaves them vulnerable to attack. Beta receptors’ release of epinephrine and the aid of cAMP is the most formidable adversary of fat cells exerting an unparalleled efficacy in dumpiness destruction. So how does that translate to flowers you ask?

The geranium plant contains a compound known as 1 3 dimethylamylamine, another formidable foe of fat cells for its similarity in fat deflating ability demonstrated by epinephrine. A faithful aid to sniper of the squish, aka epinephrine, geranium acts in the body in the same manner as cyclic AMP, which you’ll remember to be the messenger that signals epinephrine’s arrival at the cellular door of adiposity and forces them open leaving the blubbering bad guys quaking on their fatty feet in fear of epinephrine’s death blow. Its like opening the cage to the chicken coup and inviting in the wolves. And the finger behind the cage pulling, is none other than the extract of the frilly little flower; a schadenfreude in fat’s misfortune.