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Fad Diets

We all want the fastest and easiest route to losing weight, and there is definitely no shortage of quick and easy fad diets out there to choose from. Just turn on the TV and youíll see an abundance of diet plans that promise to strip the pounds off in no time at all, and with little effort on your part. What you should know though, is that these fad diets all contain a disclaimer which states that the results shown are not typical. They cannot promise youíll lose weight!

These fad diets can actually work, depending on which one you choose. The diet plans where people lose an incredible amount of weight in a day are not worth trying. Why? Because if you lose more than one or two pounds in a day (and even less), it is water weight. Youíre not losing body fat, and once you end the diet time period, youíll put that weight right back on. It is false weight loss.

Then there are those diet plans that claim you can eat whatever you want and still lose weight. Yes, these diets will work, but ďeat whatever you wantĒ is not completely true. You cannot eat anything at any time and expect to lose weight. There are rules to this type of dieting. Their formula for weight loss is based on simple math. The fewer calories you consume, the more weight you will lose. I could eat a cheeseburger and a cup of ice cream every day, and Iím going to lose weight. The thing is, with that type of eating habit, Iím going to lose a lot of my hard-earned muscle mass. That is a definite drawback because muscle burns calories. If I were to lose that muscle, my metabolism is going to slow down also, thus causing me to eventually retain body fat because my body will think Iím starving.

Think about this; a 200lb man at 30% body fat compared to a 200lb man at 20% body fat. They both weigh the exact same, but one is going to look better because he has less body fat. Focusing on fat loss is the key. Thatís why Iím not a big fan of the ďeat whatever you wantĒ diet plan. Yes, they can work, but if you want to look and feel as healthy as you can, you have to make sacrifices, and that means you cannot eat whatever you want.

I donít want to sound like Iím dogging these diets, but they will not take you to the elite level of health and fitness. If you experience success with this type of diet plan, by all means keep doing it. But eventually that plan will stagnate and youíll need to switch things up. Once you have your weight down and your eating habits under control, you can then make a change to a more rigorous diet plan, and an even fitter looking you.