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Estrocare by Life Flo

Estrocare 2oz Life Flo
Estrocare 2oz Life Flo
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Estrocare by Life Flo increases estrogen levels in a safe and effective manner. This all natural cream is formulated with a wide variety of phytoestrogens as active ingredients. Phytoestrogens are natural plant-derived compounds that mimic an estrogen-like effect. Estrocare uses Liposome technology that ensures the active ingredients pass thru the skin to the cells where they are needed.

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Supplement Facts:
Serving Size: 1 Pump
Servings per Container: 45

Other Ingredients: Distilled water, aloe vera gel, caprylic/capric triglyceride, gamma-oryzanpl, vitamin E acetate, MSM (methyl sulfonyl methane), isostearic acis, glyceryl stearate, Natipide, red clover tops extract, shea butter, vitex (chaste tree berry), borage oil, black cohosh extract, dong quai root extract, foti, saw palmetto, damiana, vanilla, planifolia fruit extract, lecithin, glycerine, allantoin, lavender essential oils, sorbic acid and grape seed extract.

Suggested Use: One full press of the pump dispenses the recommended amount of natural phytoestrogens. Rotate application each time between face, hands, chest, inner arms and thighs. Apply one full press of the pump once a day as needed.

*These statements have not been approved by the FDA. This product is not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease.