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Ephedra Fat Burners

Ephedra fat burners have once again become all the rage in the health and fitness world. Since the ephedra ban was lifted by the FDA back in 2009, a whole new crop of ephedra diet pills have begun to flood the market. While there are new rules and regulations surrounding the manufacturing and sale of these fat loss supplements, dieters are once again making ephedra a much sought after aid in their weight loss quest.

The Chinese have been using the ephedra plant for over 5,000 years. Because of its decongestant properties, ephedra has been used in the treatment of bronchial conditions like bronchitis, wheezing, whooping cough and asthma. There is an American version of the ephedra plant, but the Chinese version I said to be much stronger, having a higher concentration of the active alkaloids.

Ephedra possesses powerful stimulant properties, acting on both the heart and the Central Nervous System of the human body. This stimulating action produces an increase in energy and promotes mental clarity and alertness. In addition, a rise in the metabolic rate is also noticed, with more calories being burned even while at rest. It is because of this aspect that ephedra has become so popular in America today.

With the obesity rate running rampant in the United States, dieters and fitness enthusiasts alike have been using ephedra diet pills to shed unwanted body fat. This powerful herb does not come without caution though, as the sketchy past of ephedra fat burners has shown. Since it has been re-entered into the health and fitness industry, the FDA has posted new rules and regulations regarding the sale of the ephedra products.

Ephedra diet pills should be used with common sense. While these powerful diet pills can provide a needed advantage in any nutrition plan, they should not become the crutch of them. With a solid diet, proper exercise routine and the addition of ephedra diet pills, a leaner, more fit you may be just around the corner.