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EPH 100 Product Reviews

EPH 100 Ephedra
EPH 100 Ephedra Diet Pills

live by this product! I only take 2 pills a day, in the morning before breakfast. It gives me the energy to rise and shine with my 3 kids. I haven't experienced a down crash from it at all. It helps curb my eating. I recommend it to everyone I know.
L.Kristi - Jasper TX

Hasn't been very long but so far so good. It did make me a little jittery for the first few days, but I don't usually consume caffine and ephedra so that was to be expected.
P.Yonkers - New Orleans, LA

EPH 100 works better than any other diet pill I've tried. I've been taking one in the morning when I wake up and have lost about 5 pounds after a week. Just be cautious and take it early in the day: insomnia seems to be the only side effect if taken late in the afternoon. W.Jones - Buffalo NY

I have taken this and had amazing results with it. I lost 22 pounds in 2 months (from 144 to 122) without even working out. I do admit that taking 2 pills in the morning and one at lunch was way too much so I just took 1 in the morning and one at lunch, but no complaints because that makes them last longer. I would definitely recommend it.
U.Edison - Cedar Rapids, MI