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Enzyme Restoration Plus by Aqua Flora

Enzyme Restoration Plus 2oz Aqua Flora
Enzyme Restoration Plus 2oz Aqua Flora
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Enzyme Restoration Plus by Aqua Flora combines 24 of the most effective enzyme and digestive nano-potentiated ingredients to maximize the positive effects of enzymes. This is a perfect enzyme balancing formula that increases the body’s ability to regulate and maintain a healthy balance of positive enzyme levels.

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Ingredients: Antimonium crudum, argentum nitricum, carbo veg, carduus marianus, chelidonium maj, chenopodium anthelminticum, cinchona off, graphites, ipecac, lac defloratum, nux vomica, tanacetum vulgare, teucrium marum. Each formula contains equal volumes of each ingredient in 10X, 30X, and LM1 potencies.

Other Ingredients: Pure water base, potassium sorbate .1%, citric acid .0075%, 24 enzymes & digestive components (nano-potentiated 10x, 30x, LM1): amylase, protease, lipase, cellulase, invertase, maltase, glucoamylase, alpha galactosidase, phytase/pectinase, xylanase, hemicellulase, beta glucanase, betaine HCl, bison bile/ox bile, pepsin 1:10,000, bromelain, papaya leaf, pancreatin 4x, porcine bile extract, papain, peppermint, aloe vera gel, ginger,10 intestinal hormone regulators (nano-potentiated 10x, 30x, LM1): gastin releasing peptide, cholecystokinin, secretin, ghrelin, gastric inhibitory polypeptide, motilin, pancreozymin (porcine), big gastin, gastin, gastin 1.

Suggested Use: Before initial dose, depress pump 4-5 times or until primed. Hold close to mouth and SPRAY DIRECTLY IN MOUTH. Adults Dose: 3 complete pump sprays directly in mounth 2-6 times daily. For more acute symptoms, take as often as every 10 minutes.

*These statements have not been approved by the FDA. This product is not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease.