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Ingredients for a love spell

Has your relationship seemed to become dull, went a bit south of sizzlin’, or took a hike off the happy path and found redundant road? How can you boost that bloom of love between you and your sweetheart and reopen that blinded eye to bliss? Many feelings of love, or enhanced feelings of love, are attributed to chemicals we make in our body. Im not saying that love isn’t real, Im saying that sometimes love gets a filmy little build up of life on it, like soap scum on tile, and it becomes numb to those things that would otherwise awaken it. And there are many natural ways to break down that build up and resurface that feeling of infatuation, in a crafty—not witch-crafty way.

Love spikes levels of endorphins in our body. It makes us happy, content, feel less pain, and gives us that all over warm fuzzy feeling. Endorphins peak with orgasm, spicy food, and chocolate as well, and they say the way to man’s heart is through his stomach, but that’s not what you’re going to present in your pursuit of passion---at least not in that order. But, that IS precisely the route that’s most effective in this case—be it man or woman.

There are several building blocks for endorphins, and also for the chemicals they release that contribute to euphoria. One of the chemicals released by an endorphin trigger is dopamine; dopamine is actively used in antidepressant medications to allow an individual to experience the pleasure of which depression robs them. Dopamine requires building blocks to support its presence; one such is L-Tyrosine. According to superhealthcenter.com “L-tyrosine is a building block of dopamine, a neurotransmitter associated with happiness and focus. When levels fall, there is not enough resource to produce the dopamine that endorphins trigger—so there is a lack of that ecstatic feeling.” Taking L-tyrosine ensures that when you do something to release endorphins like exercise, have sex, or eat spicy foods, that there is enough to spare to enhance your happy. It helps regulate the balance of dopamine to promote availability and concentration.

So slip this supplement, available at superhealthcenter.com, into your significant other’s pill box to insidiously incite the spice that life sometimes sucks out of our lives, then you can add the spicy food, chocolate, and sex (in that order) to see what L-tyrosine can do for you.

More information can be found at www.superhealthcenter.com

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