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Egg or Egg White?

If you've ever been on a strict diet, the way I am currently, then you've probably asked yourself this same question. Which is healthier, eating a whole egg scrambled or eating only the egg white. Many health and nutrition specialist all have their own opinions on which you, "should" or, "shouldn't" eat. In my opinion, it really depends all on what kind of dieting you are trying to achieve.

A regular large grade A egg you can buy at the store contains many nutritious vitamins and minerals. Most of the vitamins and minerals come from the egg yolk itself. The average scrambled egg has about 5 grams of fat. Most of the fat in the egg is healthy, polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats. Eggs are also very high in cholesterol, which is why alot of health and nutrition experts tell you to stay away from eating the whole egg. Eggs are a great source of protein, and contain about 6 grams total. The protein in the egg is naturally seperated to about 3 grams in the yolk and 3 grams in the white. Iron, Selenium, Zinc, and Phosorus are also found in the contents of an egg along with vitamins A, D, and E which are vital to our health.

One large egg white obviously does not have nearly as much nutrition as a whole scrambled egg. Although, it does contain less fat, zero cholesterol, and is only 17 calories total. When seperating the yolk from the egg white you are taking out half of the protein as well, only receiving 3 grams of protein per egg white. Vitamins A and C are not present in an egg white, nor is any calcium. Still containing potassium, the egg white can be beneficial for those looking to achieve the, "full" effect and avoiding consuming too much fat and cholesterol.

In my opinion, what is beneficial for someone like me, who likes to eat a ton, I would recommend sticking to just the cooked egg whites for the majority of your egg consuming. That way, you can still eat a half dozen eggs and avoid the cholesterol and fat, and even stay under 120 calories total. I understand you do get alot of vital nutrition from the actual yolks themselves but you can also get the same vitamins and minerals in other meals throughout the day. I'm not telling you to completely stay away from scrambled eggs. If you are out at a restaurant and want scrambled eggs, then order them. It won't hurt you to eat scrambled eggs every so often, so you can get the extra nutrients the yolk provides. And if it's the taste of the plain egg whites you don't like, then substitute one of the half dozen eggs you're going to eat for breakfast with a regular egg.

So again; egg or egg white? The decision is ultimately up to you. By eating the whole scrambled egg you are receiving your everyday vitamins and minerals. Whereas cutting out the yolks and just consuming the egg white cuts significantly down on the total fat, cholesterol, and calories.

By Nick Ferrigno
Nick Ferrigno is dedicated Firefighter and EMT in the Cincinnati Area, and has recently embarked on a challenging, but exciting journey into the, "Fitness World". Someone who's always enjoyed researching and writing, Nick has decided to research different Health and Fitness products, exercise routines, and discovering how the body functions during workouts in his spare time. Recently, Nick has lost nearly 50 pounds and is determined to discover what more the wonderful world of fitness and nutrition has to offer.