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Dream On Triple Bronzing Lotion w/ Aromatherapy

Dream On 13.5oz Australian Gold Colorology
Dream On 13.5oz Australian Gold Colorology
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Dream On Darkest Triple Bronzing Lotion with Aromatherapy with Cellutox™ Anti-wrinkle and Firming Formula

Your color is Sky Blue! You are a dreamer full of life, love and happiness. You are a born optimist and a kindred spirit of every light-hearted person you meet. Inside your dreams you live in a secret kingdom with enchanted forests, deserted beaches, and all the pleasures of life. You dream of having the darkest tan in the whole-wide-world

Feature:Triple Bronzing Complex

Benefit: Darkest blend with Biotanning™ plus LipoBronze, lasts 5-8 days.


Benefit: “Pleasure molecules”, beta-endorphins, help reduce stress and increase sense of well-being.


Benefit: “Botox” alternative for firm feel and youthful appearance.

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