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Digestive Health

When most people think of digestive health, they generally think of the stomach. While the stomach is definitely part of the digestive system, it is not the only part. In fact, food digestion starts in the mouth and goes through several feet of digestive area before anything is removed as waste. To ensure a proper and healthy digestive system, we need to take care of all areas of digestion, and that can be taken care of with a few simple supplements.

The first and most common supplement to aid digestion is a multiple enzyme. We eat a variety of foods, and that is why a multiple enzyme blend is recommended to help process those foods. In fact, the combination of processed foods and a hectic lifestyle can make it difficult for the stomach to break down food into usable nutrients. Supplementing with different enzymes aids the body in breaking down food into its protein, carbohydrate and fat components.

The second digestive aid is a fiber supplement called psyllium husk. The large intestine, also called the colon, has the job of removing harmful matter from the body, and fiber plays a major role in that process. Psyllium husk provides a bulk fiber source for proper digestive and colon health. The addition of fiber also has a positive impact on heart health as well.

The third component of digestive health is actually a bacteria. When people hear the word bacteria, they immediately think of germs or something can cause sickness. However, there are bacteria that are helpful to the human body, and they’re actually necessary for proper digestive health. These bacteria are known as probiotics. Probiotics line the intestines and play a vital role in breaking down nutrients for use by the body. When outside factors (such as illness, prescription pills and environmental factors) affect the probiotic content of the digestive system, this can have disastrous effects on the proper digestion of nutrients. Supplementing the diet with an active probiotic supplement helps promote optimal digestive health and nutrient absorption.

A healthy digestive system is a must for a healthy lifestyle. Many health problems can be avoided or at least minimized by the simple addition of these three supplements. They could end up playing a dramatic role in improving your quality of life.