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Diet Pills

Diet pills have become the backbone of many a fat loss program over the last few decades. With the promises of chiseled abs, toned thighs and butts, and the self-esteem to go with them, its no wonder that supplement makers have spawned dozens of diet pills over the past few years.

Diet pills generally come in two categories:

1. Stimulant-based

2. Non-stimulant based

The stimulant-based diet pills usually contain ephedra, caffeine or synephrine, and sometimes all three. Stimulant-based diet pills work by acting on the Central Nervous System, increasing the metabolic and calorie burning rate of the body. A surge in energy will usually also accompany the increased metabolic rate, and oftentimes individuals notice a sense of euphoria and greater mental focus and clarity.

Non-stimulant based diet pills are generally formulated around amino acids, B-vitamins and various herbs that can aid in appetite suppression or lipolysis (fat loss). Generally, those individuals who take non-stimulant diet pills will not notice anything significant (such as more energy, euphoric feelings) as the supplements act on a more low-key level.

Oftentimes, individuals will take both stimulant-based and non-stimulant based diet pills together, hoping to reap the benefits of both types of pills at the same time. This tactic is often very effective in a fat loss program.

With the huge variety of diet pills available today, there is sure to be one that fits your needs. Just remember, these diet pills are not miracle pills, and they should always be used in conjunction with a proper nutrition and exercise plan.