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Diabetes is a growing concern, afflicting more children and adults as a result of the average growth in body habitus. The long term effects of even controlled diabetes are devastating, resulting in lifelong dialysis to treat kidney failure, as well as the loss of limbs to vascular degeneration. Those with both types of diabetes must restrict sugar intake as part of a modified diet to prevent the catastrophic effect of increased glucose levels on their tissues. However, recent literature is now adding to the growing list of green tea benefits to include its defense against diabetes and lessening the effects of the disease on current diabetics.

Under normal physiological conditions, the consumption of glucose results in a release of enzymes from the pancreas called amylase and enzymes from the small intestine to form glucose from the starches to be absorbed by the small intestines. In diabetics, this process is thrown off, and the glucose is not transported into cells, but distributed in elevated levels within the blood stream, damaging the walls of vessels.

Many studies were conducted in an effort to measure the effect of an important component of green tea on glucose production and absorption: the catechin. This particular element of green tea appeared to lessen the physiological response to glucose intake in subjects suggesting the possibility of an intervention of the destruction that takes place in those with little enzyme power to ward off the hyperglycemic response to carbohydrates.

The results of the study showed that ingesting a cup of green tea prior to starch intake reduced the amylase production, which also reduced glucogenesis or the forming of glucose from carbohydrates. Also shown was the binding ability of the catechins to the carbs to prevent absorption by the small intestine and avoiding the spike in blood glucose concentrations. This ability to block glucose conversion and uptake was tested on diabetics and the results were confirmed that the catechins have an antidiabetic property that prevents the process that initiates the debilitating vascular damage that accompanies this disease. It also benefits those suffering from weight related diabetes by blocking the carbohydrates that contribute to weight gain preventing a worsening diabetic state.

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Press Release “DIABE-TEAS”