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Dermalex-MD for Dark Eye Circles

Dermalex-MD for Dark Eye Circles 1.25oz
Dermalex-MD for Dark Eye Circles 1.25oz
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Dermalex-MD for Dark Eye Circles
There are dark eye circles, and then there are stubborn bruise-blue marks around the eyes that just won't go away. You may have tried any number of creams, gels and concoctions to get rid of your dark eye circles.

But now there's a product that's designed specifically to eliminate dark circles: Dermalex-MD.

What are dark circles under the eyes?
Dark eye circles are formed by the same biological process that causes bruises to turn dark blue/purple.

When something strikes your skin, small blood vessels are ruptured. Blood leaks into the surrounding tissue. Your body has a system in place to deal with this, and an enzymatic reaction starts breaking down the leaked blood so your body can metabolize it. A side-effect of this process is that the waste products are the familiar dark purple-blue of a bruise.

The delicate skin around the eyes (also called peri-orbital skin) is very thin. This skin is nourished by a web of capillaries. From time to time, these capillaries leak small amounts of blood. As the body's enzymatic reaction goes to work, the same purple-blue coloration is produced beneath the skin, leading to dark circles. (It's more visible under the eyes because the skin there is so delicate and thin, and in many people, more translucent.)

Dermalex-MD works by accelerating the enzymatic process that gets rid of the purplish coloration. Other ingredients strengthen capillaries, effectively helping to prevent dark circles before they even start.

Start getting rid of dark circles - order Dermalex-MD today!

What causes dark under eye circles?
Most people think dark under-eye circles are caused by staying up too late. This isn't the case: in fact, lack of sleep makes the skin around the eyes paler, allowing the purplish color to be more visible. Anything that makes your face paler (illness, menstruation, etc.) make dark circles look darker.

Spending time in the sun also makes dark circles look darker. Allergies can cause dark circles to appear (sometimes simply due to rubbing the eyes!).

The primary "cause" of dark circles is hereditary. You inherit from your parents the genes that determine the strength of the capillaries in your skin -- determining exactly how "leaky" these capillaries are. Furthermore, heredity can determine the thickness and opacity of the skin around your eyes, which can make dark circles look even worse.

Fortunately, Dermalex-MD can help correct the mistakes made by nature. If you're plagued with persistent, noticeable dark circles, try Dermalex-MD today and see the difference!

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Skin Care Tips

It is natural to want great looking skin and you can improve your skins appearance with some simple steps. Implement some of these simple tips into your daily regimen, along with Skin Care Treatments and you will be amazed with the results.

  • First, you want to make sure you are drinking an adequate amount of water daily. It is recommended that you drink 6-8 glasses of water each day. Water will help bathe your cells and remove waste products.
  • Next, it is important that you increase your daily fiber intake. Fiber is important to having healthy skin.
  • Try to avoid excessive amounts of sugar. This is one of the main culprits to premature aging. It can damage the collagen in skin, cartilage and ligaments, which will cause wrinkles to form and eventually sagging.
  • Eat healthy fats! Essential Fatty Acids (EFA) is essential to your body and it requires them to live. EFAs are beneficial to those who may have eczema, acne or dry skin.
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