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Cyber Monday: World Wide Web Wonder

Coined a mere five years ago, cyber Monday has grown in popularity and public awareness. In 2008 the revenue generated by cyber Monday sales beat out the notorious Black Friday sales, leaving some scratching their heads. Where did this day come from and how did it create such a cyber craze; converting even the most committed coupon cutting retail shopper into a cyber Monday coupon code stalker? Genesis of ingenuity; invented by shop.org a half a decade ago to generate Black Friday-like sales for internet only stores who have no doors at which you can line up, cold and irritated, ferociously defending your place in line while your runny nose forms festive crystals on your upper lip, wildly anticipating the stampede that will ensue when the doors swing. Sounds like fun. But how do the internet sites cater to the masses and make the gains that put retail stores out of the red and into the black? That would be cyber Monday and the copious coupon codes and preview deals decorated the face of web pages like kids faces smashed on toy store windows. The phenomenon of Cyber Monday has led to the enormous increase in not only coupon code sites on which internet companies market their deals, but the number of internet based stores that sell their wares without the overhead of a physical establishment. The owner’s of superhealthcenter.com based their company’s creation on this very concept. “A lot of people know the product they are searching for, they don’t need to see it in person, and they can take advantage of this idea by receiving deep discounts on products that they already buy, because any internet only store will market deals on Cyber Monday—it s our hayday.” Cyber Monday also creates another opportunity for retail stores to cash in on the two biggest shopping days of the year. One to the diehard liner uppers on Black Friday bracing themselves against the rush of rude mercenaries, and second to the cyber only online shoppers circling web ads like sales fed sharks, by offering different sales on both days, adding to the anticipated profit.

So which type of shopper are you? You can be both, but with the success of Cyber Monday increasing web based stores, the internet deals offered are like sales on steroids; unnaturally easy, unbelievably big without the physical effort, and too hard to pass up. So keep your eyes peeled for the deals—and if you find yourself itching to pick up that item advertised for Black Friday—remember: good things come to those who wait, not wait in line.

Cyber Monday 2010 Press Release