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Creatine Monohydrate from Physical Sciences

Creatine Monohydrate 300g Physical Sciences
Creatine Monohydrate 300g Physical Sciences
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Creatine Monohydrate 300g Physical Sciences Creatine may be the most popular bodybuilding supplement of all-time (after protein powders, of course). Creatine’s massive popularity from its’ original inception into the bodybuilding world back in the 90’s still remains strong today, and for good reason. Creatine monohydrate works, plain and simple. While many supplements come and go, creatine has withstood the test of time (and consumers) and we at Physical-Sciences would be foolish to not incorporate this bodybuilding staple into our supplement lineup.

Aside from creatine monohydrate’s traditional benefits of size and strength increases, as well as more endurance during sets, creatine supplements are now being looked to for use as treatment for muscular, neuromuscular and neurological diseases such as arthritis, congestive heart failure and muscular dystrophy to name a few. Not only that, creatine monohydrate is even being researched to treat brain disorders like schizophrenia and depression. These strides are a far cry from creatine’s early days as just another muscle builder.

Creatine monohydrate has come a long way. Research has shown time and time again that creatine lives up to its’ claims, and Physical-Sciences creatine monohydrate is no exception. With its’ original benefits combined with the new direction that research has been taking it, it seems that creatine monohydrate is not going anywhere. If you’re looking to get bigger, stronger and have more endurance during your workouts, give Physical-Sciences creatine monohydrate a try. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

RESEARCH COMPOUNDS Our research line of products are all from the medical industry. They are the same compounds used by the top medical and scientific research institutions world wide. These compounds are 100% guaranteed to be the best in the world.

CREATINE Is a nitrogenous organic acid that naturally occurs in vertebrates and helps to supply energy to muscle cells.

CREATINE RESEARCH Creatine supplementation has been, and continues to be, investigated as a possible therapeutic approach for the treatment of muscular, neurological and neuromuscular disease (arthritis, congestive heart failure, disuse and gyrate atrophy, McArdle’s disease, Huntingtons disease, mitochondrial diseases, muscular dystrophy, neuroprotection, ect). Creatine supplementation is also being used to modify brain high-energy phosphate metabolism in subject with various brain disorders, schizophrenia, depression.

CREATINE CYCLING There is no significant scientific evidence that shows cycling Creatine is better than taking it continuously.

SUGGESTED USE: Loading phase –(mix 10g with a high-glycemic juice or dextrose based solution 2x daily for 7 days separating doses by 8 hours of each other). Maintenance – take 5g 2x daily or 10g once daily with highglycemic juice such as grape juice or water. For exact grams per pound of body weight please visit our website.


Serving Size 5g (1 scoopful) 5g scoop provided
Servings per container: 120/Amount Per Serving

*Daily Value not established./Use only as directed.

While using a Creatine supplement, make sure to consume plenty of water daily to avoid dehydration. 128 oz. daily is optimal during use. Consult your physician prior to use if you have any medical conditions. The majority of scientific studies have been conducted using Creatine monohydrate in powdered form and similar effects may not be obtained from other formulas. Creatine use is not considered doping and is not banned by sport-governing bodies. In some countries Creatine in banned.