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Colloidal Minerals by SciFit

Colloidal Minerals 32oz SciFit
Colloidal Minerals 32oz SciFit
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Colloidal Minerals Plus by SciFit contains a proprietary blend of major minerals and 70 trace minerals. SciFitís Colloidal has been fortified with a unique blend of Aloe, grape Seed Extract, and CoQ10. Adding Aloe and purified water enhances minerals and nutrients bio availability.

Minerals in colloidal form are the most absorbable form of minerals supplementation. Absorption is the most important factor to consider. If you canít absorb the supplement or nutrients from whatever source, little benefit can be obtained. The nutrients and minerals in SciFitís Colloidal are rapidly assimilated into the bloodstream ensuring maximum benefit. SciFitís Colloidal is naturally flavored

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