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Premium Collagen Plus Type I & II

Collagen Plus (Premium) 9oz Dr. Venessa's
Collagen Plus (Premium) 9oz Dr. Venessa's
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Dr. Venessa’s Premium Collagen Plus has been clinically designed using the most absorbable collagen type I and type II to help the body rebuild broken bones, repair wounds, and rebuild new cells, skin, hair, vision, connective tissue, muscles, mucus membranes, organs, cartilage, joints, arteries, immune cells and genetic material. Other collagen products contain hydrolyzed collagen which has very minimal absorbability. Dr. Venessa’s formula contains the high potencies of type I and type II collagen which are the types used in clinical studies.

Current studies reveal that the body loses collagen at the rate of 1.5% per annum from the age of 30 years and up.

  • At 40 years old - you have lost 15% of collagen
  • At 50 your body has reduced the collagen production about 30%
  • At 60 you have lost 45%
  • At 70 you lost about 60%
  • At 80 you have lost 75% of collagen

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