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Coco Fit Coconut Water
The Super Healthy Beverage!

Coco Fit 16oz VPX 12cs
Coco Fit 16oz VPX 12cs
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Coco Fit by Vpx offers complete body rehydration with the benefits of healthy coconut water combined with a precise blend of carbohydrates and electrolytes. Coco Fit helps the body restore blood volume levels after dehydration caused by intense exercise. Coconut water has been shown by research to rehydrate and be better tasting and well tolerated by the subjects tested it does not cause nausea, bloating or upset stomach. Coco Fit has 300% less sugar per ounce when compared to the two most popular coconut waters.

We here at SuperHealthCenter.com are happy to offer Coco Fit by VPX.

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