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Confessions Exotic 6th Dimension Bronzing Lotion

Confessions 13.5oz Austalian Gold Colorology
Confessions 13.5oz Austalian Gold Colorology
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~ Dark Secrets ~

Your color of love is black! People are drawn immediately to your strength and confindence, but many also sense the unknown in you. Great rewards await anyone brave enough to explore the depths of your spellbinding personality. You radiate elegance and grace and your intense magnetism demans the darkest of all tans.

Colorology™: Wearing black over your dark tan shows you are – Mysterious, powerful, youthful and irresistible. Your deep, enchanting tan is the only thing darker than your secrets!

Feature: 6th Dimension Bronzers

Benefit: Six CellDark™potent bronzers for dark, longer-lasting color PLUS immediate color that lasts up to 8 days.

Feature: Cellutox™ Anti-Wrinkle & Firming Formula

Benefit: ”Botox” alternative visibly firms, tones and moisturizers, helping to prevent fine lines and wrinkles.

Feature: Moisture Power

Benefit: 24-hour continuous hydration for healthy skin.

Feature: Tanfresh™ Blend Benefit: For a fresh, invigotaing after-tan frangrance.

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