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24/7 by CMI Nutrition 1000g

24/7 by CMI Nutrition 1000g
24/7 by CMI Nutrition 1000g
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24/7 by CMI Nutrition contains the first ever "PERFECT PATENTED CARBOHYDRATE". This unique potato derived starch is a high speed, high molecular weight nutrient transport vehicle. It will shuttle vitamins, minerals, and other performance enhanced chemicals to the cells faster and more effectively than other carb based post workout formula. Due to the speed at which this carb performs its function, it is recommended that it be taken before and during exercise, not just after. For complete recovery, glycogen, and total strength begin using this formula today.

24/7 is 25 grams of the most cutting edge synergistic blend of High Molecular transport Carbohydrates designed to speed up recovery, increase glycogen levels, and build FREAKY STRENGTH & SIZE.

Benefits of 24/7:

  • Increase Muscular Strength & Power Output.
  • Increases Muscle Mass
  • Increase Anaerobic Endurance
  • Increases Aerobic Endurance
  • Delay Muscular Fatigue - Train Harder & Longer

24/7 delivers a whopping 3 grams of Beta Alanine.

24/7 delivers 5 grams of cutting edge, high performance Creatine to your muscles.

24/7 is a L-Leucine based (Branched Chain Amino Acid)(3 grams) frenzy. By pairing it with the Perfect Patented Carbohydrate, our Leucine (Anabolic Matrix) reaches its destination, quicker than any other performance formula.

24/7 is 3 grams of TAURINE. Studies show that while TAURINE and BETA ALANINE compete for the same receptor sites, TAURINE will not lower Carnosine levels. This unique combination is over the top for lean muscle mass building.

24/7 is the only formula to date to contain a recovery matrix designed to rebuild your cells while still working out. Imagine this if you will? The ability to rest less between sets, lift more from the get go, and train longer/harder.

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What is Waxi Maize?

Waxi Maize is a modified starch, with a very new style of complex carbohydrate capable of changing your physique. Waxi Maize is absorbed very fast into the bloodstream by bypassing digestion in the stomach. Once in your bloodstream Waxi Maize actually makes you look leaner by pulling subcutaneous water (water from just under the skin!) into the blood, increasing blood volume. This results is thin skin with veins popping out and full blood flow to fully loaded muscles. Training with Waxi Maize brings new meaning to the word "pump". With overloaded glycogen stores and higher blood volume, Waxi Maize will blow up your muscles in minutes!

While most complex carbohydrates from normal food sources remain in the stomach to be digested, broken down into shorter carbohydrate sugar chains before entering the bloodstream, Waxi Maize with its unusually high engineered molecular weight passes through the stomach at twice the normal speed because of this, Waxi Maize remains a complex or long chain carbohydrate as it enters the small intestine for absorption. In addition to this, Waxi Maize has a very low concentration which allows it to quickly and effortlessly cross into your bloodstream.

Waxi Maize Effects

Once in the bloodstream Waxi Maize draws subcutaneous water (Water trapped just under the skin) into the bloodstream, quickly increasing blood volume. This initial response reveals definition in muscles previously washed out by the thin film of what was previously perceived as body fat. This increased blood volume causes visible veins to appear in the limbs to carry the increased blood volume to muscles. This vascularity adds to the appearance of a leaner physique. This increased blood volume delivers Waxi Maize to waiting muscles, overloading glycogen stores for an unparalleled pump feeling. This fills muscle bellies revealing previously unseen peaks and sizes.

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