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Improve Circulatory & Cardiovascular System

Cholest-Care 120ct Natural Care
Cholest-Care 120ct Natural Care
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Cholest-Care by Natural Care is formulated to provide individuals with cholesterol support. It is a well known fact that strengthening the circulatory and cardiovascular systems as well as supporting healthy cholesterol is important! Cholest Care is specifically designed to nutritionally support your cardiovascular health and helps maintain your cholesterol within normal range. Know your levels of high density lipoprotein (HDL, known as "good cholesterol") and low density lipoprotein (LDL, or "bad cholesterol") by testing and reviewing with your health care provider.

Your body needs a constant supply of oxygen to function. The cardiovascular system consists of the heart, lungs and blood vessels, and the blood that circulates through them. Your heart and circulatory system make up your cardiovascular system and work in tandem with the respiratory and other systems. Your heart works as a pump that pushes blood to the organs, tissues, and cells of your body. Blood delivers oxygen and nutrients to every cell and removes the carbon dioxide and waste products made by those cells.

The circulatory system works with the respiratory system by taking the oxygen inhaled into the lungs to the rest of the body, and delivering carbon dioxide from the body to the lungs for expulsion. The respiratory system is the system that takes in air, separates out the oxygen that you need to live, and gets rid of the carbon dioxide that is left.

Ingredients: Magnesium Stearate, Silica, Gelatin, Glycerin, Titanium Dioxide (natural mineral capsule color). Proprietary Blend 988 mg, Red Yeast Rice, Milk Thistle Extract 80%, Phytosterol Complex, CoQ10 (CoEnzyme Q10), Polycosanol.