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Did you pack junior a fat future for lunch today?
The fructose fat factor

Childhood obesity is growing faster than the typical first grader’s waist line, and the study of causes behind it intrigue scientists who are desperate to pull the reins in on the increasing weight of kids, and on parents’ inability to understand what role they play behind their kids husky sized pants.

A recent study searching for a dominant causative role in scale breaking school aged kids determined a likely culprit is abundant in the foods upon which we raise our kids; fructose. This study was conducted on both adult fat cells and growing fat cells, and concluded that fructose acts differently on actively maturing fat cells that you only find in children, and that it causes an increase in not only size of fat cells, but the number of internal fat cells. Of the two types of fat cells, internal or visceral, and subcutaneous or fat under the skin, the internal fat cells pose the most risk to health, predisposing individuals to a number of obesity related diseases. The study showed that fructose did not have the same effect on mature adult cells. At the Endocrine Society's 92nd Annual Meeting, the following statement was issued; "Our results suggest that high levels of fructose, which may result from eating a diet high in fructose throughout childhood, may lead to an increase in visceral [abdominal] obesity, which is associated with increased cardio-metabolic risk. A large belly circumference caused by internal, or visceral fat, increases the risk of heart disease. The fructose also decreased sensitivity to insulin which prevented the uptake of blood glucose into the muscles and contributed to type II diabetes.

Research is a nice way to get the fat making offenders out of the fog of ignorance, and to focus on what is in the junk they put in their kids’ mouths—garbage in, garbage out. The snacks that cater to convenience and restricted schedules allow parents to blindly set their children up for a heavy childhood, diabetes, and heart disease. The most recent research targets an ingredient alarmingly common, and found over packed in every “carb”inet in homes today. Some fructose loaded foods include processed foods, cookies, cakes, chips, juice boxes, breads, crackers, condiments (yeah ketchup) and cereal. Just about everything that makes packing lunch easier makes packing on the pounds a breeze for your elementary grade child. After consulting with the owner of SuperHealthCenter.com he explained “there are many healthy alternatives to garbage laden grocery shelves, it just takes a little bit of searching, and here at SuperHealthCenter.com we love to help people make healthy choices for themselves and for their children to encourage a lifelong exercise in well being. We have products that can replace the junk marketed to busy adults and their children, and also supplements to offset the effects of choices that are unavoidable. Education is key, and it’s free here.”

Though it may seem like you can’t escape the omnipresent fructose additive, becoming active in seeking out healthy choices for your child is a resourceful tool against things that make your tot a fat cell factory.

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