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CE2 Hi-Def

CE2 Hi-Def 180ct MRI
CE2 Hi-Def 180ct MRI
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CE2 HI-DEF by MRI is for individuals that want to increase strength and be ripped and lean. You see, with regular creatine, athletes have talked about getting stronger, but complain about unwanted bloat and looking puffy at the same time. Now, with CE2 HI-DEF you have the same ester creatine technology that the CE2 label is famous for, but you also get THERMO-RK thermogenic technology to enhance the break-down fat for enhanced muscular definition. Without compromising the strength gains you're looking for in a creatine supplement.

THERMO-RK is MRI's high quality source of raspberry ketone, a component of red raspberry that has been shown to help accelerate metabolism. Basically, THERMO-RK activates hormone-sensitive lipase, causing intracellular fat to break down and get released. That releases fat is then burned for fuel. THERMO-RK has been clinically tested in humans to reduce fat.

The nice thing about THERMO-RK is that you won't get any jitters. It's a safe, clinically tested extract that helps you burn fat.

But there's more. With CE2 HI-DEF you're also getting beta alanine for enhanced strength gains and prolonged aerobic strength. That's because beta alanine helps buffer muscles from fatigue-inducing lactic acid.

Directions: All athletes should take a total of 4 caplets per day. That's 2 caplets in the morning, and 2 caplets in the afternoon. But remember, on training days, make sure one of your 2 daily doses happens 30 minutes before your workout. Even if your workout is in the evening.

What If I Miss a Dose?
You can take CE2 Platinum anytime during the day or night. You see, CE2 Platinum does not cause sleeplessness or restlessness. But keep in mind, for best results with CE2 Platinum, one of your two daily doses should be taken 30 minutes before your workout.

Taking CE2 with Regular Creatine
If you're currently taking a creatine product, you can definitely stop cold turkey. Then start your first dose of CE2 the next day. But like I said, if you want to finish up the creatine you've just purchased, you can take it along with the CE2. But I don't believe it will add anything to your CE2 experience.

CE2 Hi-Def Supplement Facts