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Carnivore Mass by MuscleMeds

Beef protein has been a staple in the muscle building world since the first dumbbells were used. The downside is that steak, ground sirloin and other beef sources can be expensive and take time to cook. Luckily, the team at MuscleMeds has created a beef-based protein supplement that builds big muscle without the big price tag. That protein is Carnivore Mass.

Carnivore Mass is infused with 50 grams of beef protein isolate per serving. This high-quality beef protein is rich in essential amino acids, including the branch chain amino acids, creatine and glutamine. The result is a muscle building powerhouse that mixes easily and tastes delicious. The addition of creatine helps to improve muscular strength and endurance, and the glutamine helps to improve muscle recovery time and aids in proper immune system function.

In addition to the high beef protein content, Carnivore Mass from MuscleMeds is high in carbohydrates, the essential macronutrient source for muscle energy and glycogen storage. The multi-source carbohydrates are derived from maltodextrin and waxy maize for a multi-staged insulin response for optimal nutrient uptake.

It takes big nutrition, and the right source of nutrition, to build an optimal muscle building supplement. Carnivore Mass from MuscleMeds delivers an excellent source of protein, high quality carbohydrates, as well as glutamine, creatine and the branch chain amino acids for an effective and easy to use muscle building supplement.