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The South African Swindle
And the Deflation of the Bulbine Fad

The increased awareness of the potency of bulbine natalensis in uberboosting testosterone made possible through the publishing of research results had the supplement world abuzz about the benefits of bulbine. Bulbine Natalensis has been scientifically studied to increase natural testosterone, that is freely circulating levels of test in the body’s natural form. As opposed to its anabolic steroid imitators, natural test does not dirty up the biggest test feared by bodybuilders and athletes abroad; the urine test. As an added benefit, bulbine’s bolster of natural testosterone engages the testes to maintain their workload, whereas the synthetic counterparts leave them high and dry in the jobless jurisdiction which contributes to the eventual atrophy or shrinkage of the scrotum that afflicts the pill popping, pin sticking steroid junkies like two little scarlet letters that betray the truth behind their buff bods. Another interest piquing property of bulbine natalensis is the ability to suppress the normal estrogen surge that occurs in synchrony with steroidal supplementation of testosterone. This rise is the feminizing man boob building beast that breathes down the neck of bodybuilders as a risk, or two, they take when they take short cuts to getting big and shredded. So now, there’s a cure for the post cycle therapy some must endure when coming off the juice that got them jacked. So, you can see where this South African Plant extract engaged the interest of those who panhandle to prosper from your purchase of their pretend blends; the market potential stretched from the lagging libido suffering seniors, erectile dysfunctional fraternities with fits of impotence, and to those who utilize anabolic steroids or pro hormones for the bulk it begets; bulbine natalensis was a resolution highly sought after, and so sales would skyrocket like the once flaccid portion of the purchasing party. With such a market of males en masse, the scheming swindlers starting rubbing their palms together in search of a solution to their own object of desire; cashing in on the crops that created such a craving amongst Americans.

Bulbine Natalensis is one of more than 100 varieties of bulbine, but only the natalensis species is specific to the serum testosterone surge for which it is worshipped, however, it had become a pricey crop as the South African farmers could not meet the demands of manufacturers, only the stems could be used which reduced a 7 kilo harvest to only 1 kilo of effective bulbine natalensis yielded. Enter the vermin of marketing scams in the form of South Africans claiming to care for the very crop of interest, when in truth it was merely an inferior species of bulbine with no benefit to the desperados of desire. These scandalous snakes were passing off bogus bulbine for the bona fide and fluffing their junk with fillers like caffeine to give the gullible a sensation of something happening. South Africa is notorious for their knock off crops and imposition of paltry products in lieu of the real deal but they elicit faith from the buyers in the form of certificates that “certify” their word, that does not have to be upheld anywhere. It’s a piece of paper. Im sure you could get one that gave you a medical degree but it doesn’t make you any smarter for having it—it only makes you poorer, and the reputation of reputable extracts suffer. Another scheme that developed has dug its roots deep in American distributors that allow the whole compost of bulbine plant to be tossed into a capsule despite the ineptitude of leaves and such, so instead of buying 7 kilos, and yielding 1 usable kilo, they buy seven and they stuff their diluted slop into a capsule to sell at the same price as the authentic which translates to a much bigger profit.

Its become a filthy forum for bulbine natalensis as its reputation has lost its potency at the paws of these money grubbers. But you may be interested in how to tell who has the real deal and whos got the glob of good for nothing in a bottle. First and foremost, get to know a company’s history and investment in their purchase. For example, Nutraclipse, the makers of Testavate 500, sent their biochemists out to the South African farm to sample and test the efficacy of their bulbine natalensis and shook the hand of the man that harvests it on a deal to have it shipped from South Africa to China for testing and extraction at a 7:1 ratio—this leaves South African certification out of the mix. They bring it back to the states to test further and ensure the dosage that will drive test levels up to nearly 350% of normal levels. They involve multiple countries who have no interest in helping the other bamboozle a buyer of bulbine. Brilliant. They invested 75K in research and development cost and spent nearly two years on ensuring efficacy at the most potent human equivalent dosage. And since it is a pricey crop, the cost of a company’s product will clue you in on bogus versus bona fide. If its selling for less than 33 to 35 bucks, you can bet its bunk. Look on the label for the natalensis, look for the stem being the only part named, look for the dosage to be around 350. These are all backed by research, and most importantly, look up the country of origin AND the one that backs up the authenticity, and steer clear of certificates of Africa—they are out for more than an honest sale of bulbine natalensis—they are looking to bank in on ignorance and gullibility. Don’t be a victim on their list of fools they found to find faith in falsehood.