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Bottled Water: Fluoride Free Cancer Fighter?

Thyroid cancer has become alarmingly common and boasts a wide range of age groups as victims of its insidious start. Whereas thyroid cancer used to be called a cancer you “die with, not from,” scientists are now scrambling to find a connection between the heavy incidence of carcinoma and the effects of chemicals we consume.

Research has focused most intensely on the direct connection of fluoride in tap water as a cancer causing agent; surprised? Isn’t fluoride what the dentist pushes as a necessary additive to toothpaste and dental care? Weren’t we told that without this beneficial element, our teeth will decay into incompetent crushers leaving you with only a selection of soft foods to mush around your mouth? In fact, the dental agencies were pushing for the inclusion of fluoride into bottled water after the trend took hold, to offset the lack of ingested fluoride through tap water.

Now science has shown the mechanism of fluoride behind the propagation of thyroid cancer to be a true link. In thyroid cancer patients, there is an increase in thyroid stimulating hormone under which thyroid cancer cells flourish. It turns out that fluoride has the same, if not more profound, effect as thyroid stimulating hormone on cancer cells. So by insisting we incorporate this into our diet for teeth’s sake, we ensure at least thyroid dysfunction, which currently runs rampant across the country, and also better our odds at getting thyroid cancer.

So before your penny pinching ways make you balk at the few bucks a case of bottled water costs, know that you may be getting more for your money by buying your way out of cancer causing agents found in the free stuff.

Bottled Water: Fluoride Free Cancer Fighter?