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Attention Jocks And Gym Junkies;
Wanna Get Big? Then Get To Bed

You’ve probably heard some meathead or hardcore competitor tout the benefit of sleep in maintaining and gaining strength and size. And as “beauty sleep” drove the damsels indoors for their daily afternoon nap back in the day, so does a good night’s sleep attract the joggers, jocks, and gym rats; however, when questioned about why or how their size or strength is sleep induced, you’ll often get a vacant stare and stock response such as “cuz that’s when your body repairs itself.” Not entirely untrue, and it’s no surprise that the big guys aren’t reading up on circadian rhythms and hormonal response, which is the true benefit of getting enough sleep.

There are five stages of sleep; stage 1, drowsiness, stage 2, light sleep, stages 3 and 4 both deep sleep, and finally REM (rapid eye movement) sleep. It takes approximately 100 minutes, or just under two hours to complete this cycle with the bulk of the cycle spent on the first four stages. A person can experience 5 of these stages during a night’s rest. The importance of these stages corresponds to the stage in sleep during which testosterone levels are spiked pursuant to the prodding by increased serum levels of luteinizing hormone; the agonist to testosterone production and secretion. The parallel between the sleep cycle and hormonal rise was the subject of many scientifically centered studies to isolate the stage in which serum testosterone levels were highest. The results concluded that just prior to the onset of REM, a spike in LH triggers testosterone increase and peak during REM. But remember, REM is the last stage in the cycle, so if you arent getting enough sleep, or you are taking something that interferes with your body’s natural rhythm, you short yourself of the stash of testosterone your body is trying to provide.

These peaks and spikes are most prominent in adolescents and may very well be accountable for the vivid nocturnal emissions and deviant dreams of teenagers that call for much embarrassment, and extra loads of laundry. Snoozing is no thing that teens fight as they sleep through excessively indulgent periods resembling nothing more than a sloth on a cot. And recall as well oh man of middle age, the very pronounced libido of younger days that had you slipping into the bathroom to avoid embarrassment. Also a side effect of testosterone.

This sleep concept is crucial to those body builders that want to get the most out of their bulking efforts, athletes that want to retain and improve strength and stamina, and especially important for middle aged men and older as the onset of andropause at age 30 accounts for up to 2% of testosterone loss per annum leading to the hair loss, muscle loss, libido and virility loss that sidles up alongside this unseemly decline. So to promote the hub of your manhood, the supporter of size, and the life of your libido, set aside a solid 7-8 hours to ensure your boost of testosterone is as much at its peak as you wanna be. Now go to bed.