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Body Builder Pro 5 Multi Blend Protein Powder from Physical Sciences

Protein source combinations are much more effective when it comes to building muscle. After all, you eat chicken, eggs and beef for your whole food meals, so why settle for just one protein source in your protein powders? With Physical-Sciences Body Builder Pro-5, we have combined five awesome growth-inducing proteins into one amazing powder. With Body Builder Pro-5, you get the best of both worlds in that it contains both slow- and fast-digesting proteins to quickly shuttle amino acids to your muscles as well as provide a slower trickle to keep your muscles supplied throughout the day.

BodyBuilder Pro 5 contains whey isolate, which has the highest biological value of all proteins; hydrolyzed whey, which is the most digestible whey protein for human consumption; hydrolyzed lactalbumin provides a rich source of short-chain peptides and amino acids in a state of pre-digestion that leads to much greater absorption; micellar casein, the only protein proven to be anti-catabolic, supplies a prolonged increase of plasma amino acids, and provides the best nitrogen retention of all proteins; micellar casein, which is derived from skim milk and is very high in glutamic acid.

To build top quality muscle mass, it is in your best interest to supply your body with more than one type of protein. Give your muscles the ultra-powerful blend of five of the finest proteins on the planet in one convenient blend. Give them BodyBuilder Pro 5.