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Bitter orange can be a sweet aid in weight loss!

You’ve heard it before, sure, bitter orange, but what does it do that makes it so effective at fighting fat? Bitter orange is also known as Citrus aurantium and is the source for five alkaloid extracts: synephrine, N-methyl-tyramine, hordenine, octopamine, and tyramine. This ingredient used in many weight loss aids acts upon receptors throughout the body that when triggered by stimuli increase the release of fat from stores for fuel—this burning is referred to as lipid oxidation. The increased energy released also bumps up the resting metabolic rate furthering the aid to weight/fat loss. When a substance acts upon a receptor it is considered adrenergic. Specific to Citrus Aurantium, it creates the same effect within the body that adrenaline does when triggered by immediate stress, however, unlike the stress response that has cardiovascular impact, C.Aurantium only acts upon beta 3 receptors—which isolates the breakdown and burning of fat specifically. This allows a person to exhibit the weight loss without the shakiness sometimes experienced through other stimulants in weight loss aids. It also contains a life extending component in hordenine to prevent the metabolism of the effective fat blasting components within the body. That’s a sweet thing.

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