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Bioforce Pain Relief

Myo-Med pain relief cream helps with sore muscles, backaches, and sports injuries. Myo-Med is an all natural relief that uses toxin-free ingredients such as CFA, Bryania Alba, Rhus Toxicodendrin, Shark liver oil and deodorized garlic oil.

It's all natural nano delivery system transports the ingredients to the affected areas very fast to provide quick and lasting relief. It's proven to help with backaches, sprains, strains, and all sorts of athletic injuries.

Myo-Med works by getting the pain relieving ingredients directly to the damaged tissue, deep into the dermal layer, reinforcing and lubricating the cells. The cells are strengthened and now are less likely to rupture, which is what causes the pain. Improved range of motion and reduced pain within 30 minutes has been proven in lab tests. Use over a 30 day period has shown an additional inprovement in range of motion.

Myo-Med 3oz Bioforce (Pain Relief)
Topical Pain Reliever