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Beauty With Light

RED LIGHT THERAPY Three step skincare

Once primarily associated with the treatment of Seasonal Affective Depressive Disorder, Light Therapy has gained a foothold in the health and beauty world for its benefits in boosting collagen production, eliminating acne, and decreasing fine lines and wrinkles associated with aging and environmental exposure.

The method of action in phototherapy is dependent on the color of the light; this is what determines the wavelength of the light which determines the depth the wave can penetrate the skin. Red light has the shortest wavelength and penetrates the superficial layer of the skin from 8 to 10 mm, or roughly a centimeter. This penetration creates an increase in heat that is generated by cellular response to temperature change. This effect increases the ATP cycle that takes place during metabolic processes and increases cellular turnover. Increased energy production and release by facial skin cells tells the body to produce elastin and collagen more quickly which is the reaction responsible for the reduction of fine lines and aging. The increased heat under the surface also destroys bacteria responsible for clogged pores and acne, and also increases blood flow to the area to deliver a greater amount of oxygen and nutrients necessary to accommodate the new layers of skin being generated by exposure to Red Light Therapy.

Beauty with Light has developed a product line to be used in conjunction with Red Light Therapy to enhance the healing, renewing, and rebuilding of cells induced by exposure.

Designed to balance the pH of the skin and prep the cells with myriad minerals, vitamins, and amino acids, this moisturizer will boost the renewal found in RLT. Aloe Vera Gel to maximize moisture.

Sodium Hyaluronate or Hyaluronic Acid (HA) to maintain moisture content of skin, improve microcirculation, and nutrient absorption to minimize the appearance of wrinkles

Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) antioxidant to fight free radical damage which is the biggest promoter of aging skin.

Step 2: Facial
REGU ; Increases natural collagen, elastin, microcirculation and decreases puffiness. Pentacare; tightens skin through increased boding of molecular components.

Step 3: Post Therapy Lotion
Designed to smooth the surface of the skin, decrease the appearance of cellulite and impurities that contribute to aging.

Kelp Extract prevents the breakdown of hyaluronic acid to promote the skin renewing properties of this naturally occurring defense against aging.

Aminophylline and Theophylline stimulate fat mobilization Niacin enhances the appearance of skin through increased blood flow and oxygen delivery

Coaxel (Coenzyme A - L-Carnitine - Caffeine) is designed to accelerate and stimulate fat destruction and removal.

RedLight-ST 6oz (Pre-Therapy Spray)
Regular price: $22.00
Super Health Center price: $10.99, 2/$19.99
RedLight-ST 1oz (Facial Serum)
Regular price: $28.00
Super Health Center price: $13.99, 2/$25.99
RedLight-ST 6oz (Post Therapy Lotion)
Regular price: $30.00
Super Health Center price: $14.99, 2/$27.99
RedLight-ST 1oz (Under Eye Serum)
Regular price: $32.00
Super Health Center price: $15.99, 2/$29.99