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Powerlab Nutrition BCCA AKG

BCAA AKG 180ct Powerlab Nutrition
BCAA AKG 180ct Powerlab Nutrition
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BCAA AKG by Powerlab Nutrition is made with Absorbtech technology. Most aminos are the same, made with just about the same amount of amino acids, whether they are tablets or capsules. Most aminos have only about 50% of the BCAA’s reaching your muscles, being broken down and eliminated in your digestive system. Powerlab’s BCAA AKG’s are softgel liquid caps that are much more easily digestible than powders. Powerlab’s AKG Absorbtech coating ensures that 99% or the active BCAA compounds survive the digestion process and make it to your waiting muscles. This gives you the best absorption possible in a liquid cap without choking on huge pills.

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