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Bariatric Medical II Pure Cold Protein by Physical Sciences

Bariatric Medical II Pure Cold Protein by Physical Sciences 2.5lbs
Bariatric Medical II Pure Cold Protein by Physical Sciences 2.5lbs
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Bariatric Medical II Pure Cold Protein by Physical Sciences Physical-Sciences has developed a variation of the Bariatric/Medical 1 formula to again aid those individuals whose health has been compromised due to sickness and disease. While the main ingredient of cold-filtered whey protein isolate still remains the same in Bariatric/Medical 2, two additional proteins of micellar casein and complete milk protein have been added to help aid in a plethora of medical conditions from high blood pressure and liver problems, to diabetes and obesity.

Heated proteins can have a negative impact on health markers in individuals whose health has already been compromised due to disease or illness. The cold-filtration of whey isolate solves this problem. In addition to the cold-filtration, Bariatric/Medical 2 uses whey isolate that is also micro-filtered. Micro-filtered whey isolates are left with more calcium and have the highest level of undenatured protein available. The combination of cold and micro-filtration results in a product that has an extremely high protein content of greater than 90%, and is also very low in fat and lactose. The absence of heat in the manufacturing process leaves the amino acid profile 100% intact, just as nature intended it.

Glutathione is our body’s most powerful healing agent and antioxidant and low glutathione levels are common in the diets of many individuals today. These low glutathione levels have been associated with disease and illness. Cold-processed whey isolate powder is the best source of glutathione precursors. When used as a glutathione precursor, cold-processed whey powders are a potent enhancer of immune system function and liver function, RNA and DNA repair, producer of antioxidants and remover of heavy metals from the body.

Micellar casein is rarely used these days in protein powders due to the fact that it is very costly to manufacture, and that reduces a company’s profits. While these products may state micellar casein on the label, in all likelihood it is not in the container. With the specific medical use we had in mind when developing Bariatric/Medical 2, using real micellar casein was an absolute must. Micellar casein is the only protein proven to be anti-catabolic and prevent muscle tissue breakdown.

Complete milk protein is another form of real milk. Having been isolated from skim milk, complete milk protein retains both the whey and casein portions of milk in their natural state, as well as in the same ratio. Complete milk protein is a natural, concentrated source of whey and milk, together with most of their naturally occurring minerals.

With the 2:1:1 ratio of these three proteins combined into Bariatric/Medical 2, your body is supplied with the highest quality proteins to help aid in its’ battle. When your health has been compromised, your body requires top-of-the-line nutrition to get it back in top shape. At Physical-Sciences, we know this to be true and that’s why we’re intent on bringing you the best supplements in the world. Whether you’re battling an illness or trying to get in better shape, we have the right formula for you.

BARIATRIC/MEDICAL I Designed with clinical nutritional applications as our main priority, our cold manufactured protein products provide exceptional nutritional support for those who’ nutritional intake may be compromised by disease, illness, or procedures dealing with weight management. Heated proteins can have a slightly negative effect on health markers in health compromised individuals. Since pure cold proteins support a good intestine climate, it is important for a good immune system. Bariatric Medical II itself is a complete product of highest quality for many applications. Its primary use is to improve digestive processes, and it is successfully applied in high blood pressure, liver problems, diabetes, osteoporosis, obesity, high cholesterol, cardiac ailments, various cancer nutritional support, cellulite and pregnancy and nursing, as well as for bladder and kidney issues. The best known source of glutathione precursors is cold processed whey isolate. Glutathione is key to our existence as our body's most powerful healing agent and antioxidant. Glutathione works with all the other antioxidants and even regenerates them. Low glutathione levels are associated with disease and infections and it often is the missing ingredient in our diets. Whey isolate, when used as a glutathione precursor, is an important enhancer of: immune function liver function repair of RNA and DNA cell damage production of antioxidants and hormones removal of toxic metals wound healing creation of new lean muscle mass increasing aerobic (exercise) capacity by up to 13% inhibition of pathogens in the gastrointestinal tract production of red blood cells, enzymes, hormones and (monoclonal) white blood cells.

COLD WHEY PROTEIN ISOLATE Cold-Filtration & Micro-Filtration Whey Protein Isolates. Cold filtration is a process where the proteins are separated through the use of micro filtering the mass all while using a cold or "chilled" environment. Micro-filtration is a process where the proteins are separated through the use of natural ceramic filters. Micro-filtrated whey protein isolates are left with more calcium and have the highest level of undenatured protein available. Both of these processes result in a final product that is very high in protein content (greater than 90%), with virtually no denatured protein with extremely low fat and lactose content (virtually fat-free and lactose free) – while retaining the important sub fractions. By the protein not coming into contact with heat at any point in the manufacturing process, it leaves the amino acid profile 100% intact as nature intended.

MICELLAR CASEIN An extremely high quality milk protein produced by a complex proprietary process that does not denature the protein during the manufacturing process. Casein was found to be the only protein that was anticatabolic and prevented muscle tissue breakdown. Caseins produce a prolonged plateau of increased plasmas amino acids, over 3X that of any other protein in existence today. Producing the best nitrogen retention and utilization.

COMPLETE MILK PROTEIN Is isolated from skim milk by a special high molecular weight membrane separation process nthat retains both the casein and whey proteins in their natural state and in the same ratio as milk.

DIABETICS Cold manufactured proteins are a good source of protein for diabetics whose intake may be suffering due to altered diets. Also, whey protein can help manage blood glucose levels. It is suggested by some that higher protein levels can stimulate Insulin production from the Pancreas. In addition, it also slows the absorption of carbohydrates, such as Glucose, into the bloodstream.

B.C.A.A Whey Isolate has the highest concentration of branched chain amino acids (B.C.A.A). These amino acids are unique in that the body cannot manufacture them from compounds, they must be ingested from sources. Research has shown branched chain amino acids to be anabolic in nature showing the propensity to build lean body mass. Minimalizing skeletal muscle breakdown is a bypass patients nutritional essential. Possible Whey and Milk Protein Reactions If one has a true milk allergy, all dairy products need to be avoided. People with this condition should be aware of it. Intolerance to milk products is far more common and can be from consuming dairy proteins that are damaged from pasteurization and processing. Lactose intolerance can be acquired after gastric bypass or other gastric surgeries by asnmany as 10% of patients. Native Whey and Milk Proteins are not subject to any methods that would damage the full range of the protein components and enzymes. For sensitive individuals a quality probiotic product used concurrently can be helpful. Candida has also been reported as a possible condition that may cause intolerance. Lactose content is 0.3g per 5 grams. Well below the level for intolerance. True lactose intolerance usually presents itself as diarrhea. Intestinal health, permeable gut, may be a factor.

PHYSICAL-SCIENCES Our goal is simple to deliver to our customers the finest nutritional compounds in the world not our interpretation of them. We are building the purest and by far the best supplement line in the world. We welcome you our valued customer and it is your need for the best nutritional products in the world that has become our number one goal and priority. We will never compromise the integrity of our product line under any circumstance; the doors to physical-sciences will be closed before that happens. We guarantee our pledge to you, our valued customer.

Amount per serving (22g)
Serving size( 1 scoop full)
Calories: 98 %Daily Value
Calories from fat: 0g
Total fat: 0g DV-0%
Total Carbohydrates: 0g DV-0%
Saturated fat: 0g DV-0%
Cholesterol: 4g DV-7%
Dietary fiber: less than .1% DV-1%
Sodium: 40mg DV-2%
Sugar: 0g DV-0%
Phosphorus: 41mg DV-6%
Potassium: 85mg DV-2%
Protein 20g DV-50%
Calcium: 125mg DV-12%
Lactose: less than 1% DV-0%
Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.
L-alanine: 1019mg L-aspartic acid: 2637mg
L-glycin: 361 mg L-glutamic acid: 4145mg
L-phenylalanine: 680mg L-lysine: 1924mg
L-tryptophan: 397mg L-serine: 1119mg
L-isoleusine: 1556mg L-arginine: 476mg
L-cysteine: 582mg L-glutamine: 1760mg
L-histidine: 453mg L-methionine: 435mg
L-proline: 1724mg L-threonine: 2476mg
L-tryosine: 683mg L-leucine: 2476mg
L-valine: 1349mg B.C.A.A’S

*Serving suggestions: Servings can vary greatly for each individual. For many individuals it can be one or more servings, one, two, three or more times per day. If you are unaccustomed to these products, and there is a possibility you may be sensitive, we suggest that you begin with one scoopful or less. Ingest on an empty stomach and refrain from eating for 15 minutes. Ramping up slowly is advisable to avoid possible uncomfortable responses. If one experiences bloating from drinking these products try placing 1 teaspoon at a time of the powder in the mouth and letting it dissolve by slowly chewing it. It is acceptable to alternate days of use for sensitive individuals. You may consult with your health care professional regarding servings.

*Instantized: For easy mixing with water, juices, milk mixes, sugar free flavorings, fruits, etc.


*PLEASE NOTE: If you begin to take milk and whey proteins please monitor your blood glucose levels carefully as they may alter. If you take regular medication for your Diabetes please consult your medical practitioner before taking whey protein powder.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. The FDA does not evaluate or regulate any dietary supplements .Make an educated decision when purchasing dietary products.