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Aspartame Addiction

Do you find yourself craving diet drinks like Pepsi or Coca-Cola? What about coffee that is sweetened with Nutra Sweet? Perhaps your favorite beverage is a calorie-free iced tea. These all sound good and healthy, right? After all, thereís little to no calories and theyíre not loaded with sugar. What many people donít realize is that while they may be reducing calorie intake, they may be causing a different kind of harm to themselves that is very real and can cause a variety of negative side effects. Iím talking about an aspartame addiction.

Aspartame is comprised of three ingredients; methanol, phenylalanine and aspartic acid. Phenylalanine and aspartic acid are both free form amino acids, essential to the body on a variety of levels. The major concern here is methanol. Methanol is a colorless, poisonous and flammable liquid used in the making of formaldehyde, paint strippers and other compounds that one would never be found putting in their body on purpose.

The aspartic acid in aspartame may seem ok since itís an amino acid, but it is whatís known as an excitotoxin. An excitotoxin over-stimulates nerve cells in the brain creating a breakdown of nerve function in which they will eventually excite themselves to death. Aspartame leads to altered brain function and nerve damage. Many people think this is an allergic reaction, but this untrue. Aspartame is a true toxin, and many people are addicted to it.

In 2010, sales of Diet Coke were second only to traditional Coke, and they continue to rise. Many people often state that they cannot live without their Diet Coke, or think about the yo-yo dieter who lives on Crystal Light to satiate their cravings. This is no accident; itís an addiction. Withdrawal symptoms have also been associated with the discontinued use of aspartame. While these symptoms vary, some cases have shown withdrawal symptoms similar to that of heroin. This is a scary scenario indeed.

So why does the FDA not ban the use of aspartame? There has been significant effort on the part of many health-conscious Americans to rid our society of this toxic substance, but so far to no avail. Unfortunately, these arguments are quickly brushed aside, citing the data as ďout-datedĒ. If you are one of those Americans who just canít live without your daily diet drink, you may want to consider the damage that is being done to your health over the long term. Itís definitely not too late to get off this harmful substance, and it may just add years to your life.