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Arthrolyze vs. Joint Care

In this article, we are going to be comparing two very popular joint health supplements side by side. The purpose of this is to make consumers aware that there is more to choosing a supplement than simple cost. The two supplements on display are Artholyze by Species Nutrition and Joint Care from Beverly International. With these two supplements, we will be comparing the main ingredients, potency and the financial aspect of each to decipher which one is a superior choice.

First, Arthrolyze from Species is a combination of glucosamine, chondroitin and MSM, all three of which are major players when it comes to keeping joints healthy and strong. Arthrolyze has sixty (60) servings per container, five tablets per serving, and at the SuperHealthCenter.com price, is $40 per bottle. Each serving contains 2000mg of glucosamine, 500mg of chondroitin and 2000mg of MSM.

With Joint Care by Beverly International, the main ingredients are also glucosamine, chondroitin and MSM. At thirty (30) servings per bottle, with a serving size of 3 softgels, Joint Care comes in at a SuperHealthCenter.com price of $17 per bottle. Each serving contains 1000mg of glucosamine, 200mg of chondroitin and 750mg of MSM.

Now at first glance, Arthrolyze looks to be the superior choice because you get more of the main ingredients per serving, but remember, you have to take 5 capsules of Arthrolyze to the 3 softgels of Joint Care. Letís look a little closer at each to determine the better value.

If you divide the amount of each ingredient of Arthrolyze by 5 capsules, you get a dose of 400mg of glucosamine, 100mg of chondroitin, and 400mg of MSM per single capsule.

With the Joint Care, for each ingredient you would get an amount of 333mg of glucosamine, 67mg of chondroitin and 250mg of MSM per each softgel. Based on this information, on a one capsule to one softgel comparison, Arthrolyze would be the better choice.

Financially, Arthrolyze breaks down (at the $40 per bottle price) to be $.67 per serving. Joint Care breaks down to $.57 per serving. In this example, Joint Care would seem better, but remember this is based on the 3 softgels to 5 capsule serving size, in which Arthrolyze contains higher amounts of the main ingredients. Letís take this cost comparison to a level playing field.

At $40 per bottle, each capsule of Arthrolyze would be $.13. At $17 a bottle, each softgel of Joint Care would be $.19. Again, Arthrolyze is the winner.

It may seem as if Iím picking on Joint Care from Beverly International. Iím not. Joint Care is an excellent product, but sometimes you need to do a little work to figure out which supplement truly is the better choice. You can take this example and apply it to any supplement of your choice and soon you may realize that youíre spending your money on the wrong supplements. Once you do that, your results in the gym may begin to skyrocket.