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Arjuna by Nature's Formulary

Arjuna 60ct Nature's Formulary
Arjuna 60ct Nature's Formulary
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Arjuna by Nature's Formulary is a natural product formulated to support normal cardiac functions.

Lifestyle suggestions:

1.Individuals of dominant Pitta or Kapha Doshas are susceptible to imbalances of their cardiac functions. A Pitta person is naturally ambitious and driven. When exaggerated these qualities cause imbalances and stress symptoms that affect heart function. Kapha people are naturally laid back and not given to high energy. When they are out of balance, accumulation of fat by-products can occur.

2. Pitta people should try to reduce stress: lower caffeine intake, try yoga. Kaphas should start an regimented exercise program.

3. Both should minimize oily, heavy foods, alcohol.

Ingredients: Two vegetarian capsule contains 60 mg. Arjuna (Terminalia arjuna) (Bark extract) synergistically combined with 500 mg. bark powder

Other Ingredients: Capsule (plant-derived Cellulose), Wheat powder, Silicon dioxide.

Suggested Use: Upto 2 capsules twice a day, with meals.

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