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Amino Vital - Ajinomoto

Amino Vital products use the power of amino acids for optimal muscle recovery, repair and energy starting from the most important cellular level. Their cutting edge ingredients give you the nutrition you need to enhance your training and performance. Amino Vital products are used by every level of athlete, from daily gym warriors to professional athletes for better workouts and recovery times. With their unique and specialized formulations, you can select a formula specifically customized for the needs of your specific training.

Amino Vitals’ scientists have developed unmatched products to help you to improve your athletic performance by combining key amino acids to deliver the nutrition you need to quickly restore your muscle fibers to their optimal state. You will notice an increase in focus and energy almost at the fist use of their supplements. Amino Vital products help to ensure that your body will feel vigorous and healthy, so you can be ready for unreal performance and recovery.

Ajinomoto, the maker of Amino Vital, is one of the top suppliers of pharmaceutical grade amino acids worldwide. Thanks to the expertise of over 1000 scientists and doctors, combined with their 100 plus year of experience amino acid research and development has never been the same. Ajinomoto is known all over the world as the recovery expert.

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