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Physical Sciences
Hydrolyzed Essential Amino Acids;
For Those Who Find Powdered Protein a Pain

A lot of people who are health conscious are also time conscious; our busy schedules of today barely leave room for breaking a sweat at the gym much less stringent dietary schedules every two hours requiring prep time and a Timex. It’s tough to ensure that your body has everything it needs to maximize growth from the training load you lay into your lean muscle and not being prepared can have counterproductive and catabolic effects that inhibit growth and maintenance of muscle mass.

The two most crucial times when protein synthesis is at its peak is within the first 90 minutes of waking, and the 90 minutes following exercise—but if you didn’t put in the time to two scoop your shakes in advance, or the idea of a powdery mess and mixing makes you cringe—you don’t have to turn to the sugar laden premixed protein drinks from wally world where the inferior ingredients within these cleverly wielded ‘wonder drinks’ have you doing yourself a disservice for a dollar. The protein content is comparable, but the percentage of pure protein remains paltry—for your convenience. Yes, there is always a price to pay when your actions are centered around simplicity—but no longer does that expense have to be paid with your hard earned results.

Physical Sciences has, for the most part, bucked against the mainstream protein products, bypassing flavor for purity, and convenience for quality. However, a recent addition to their client dedicated design acknowledges the need for athletes to maximize muscle AND time retention. Physical Sciences Hydrolyzed Essential Amino Acids are chewable tablets that provide your cells with optimal protein synthesis support in a predigested form to douse your muscle making centers with superior aminos to encourage protein utilization, and prevent catabolism, any time, anywhere..

Physical Sciences Hydrolyzed Essential Amino Acids are proteins isolated from calcium caseinate and exposed to an enzyme that breaks them into short chained peptides to maximize the body’s ability to absorb them through digestion with little gastrointestinal discomfort; the isolation process removes fats, lactose, cholesterol sugars, and other components that contribute to a crabby belly following consumption. Physical Sciences created this unique and time friendly product with the same ingredients that are unparalleled in purity. These are conveniently sized; small enough to fit in your pocket, and since they are hydrolyzed—which means a tad bit tough on the taste buds, Physical Sciences tossed in a few flavors in sugar free form to make your protein intake a bit tastier.

So no more excuses about the pains of powder, or the scarcity of time—Physical Sciences heard your needs and has met the with their new Hydrolyzed Essential Amino Acid Chewable Tablets-so you can hold off on the excuses and hold onto the tabs.

Press Release "Physical Sciences Hydrolyzed Essential Amino Acids"