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Amino Phase
Time Released Amino Acids

Amino Phase 180ct iSatori
Amino Phase 180ct iSatori
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Amino Phase by iSatori is the first time released amino acid supplement including your BCAA's. This cutting edge formula includes the most important time, the pre-workout period to give you a positive nitrogen balance before exercising. Amino Phase also works all the way through overnight sleep cycles. Only Amino Phase with Duo-Phase provides vital essential amino acids at the most crucial times and when they are needed most. Amino Phase works without having to repeatedly take tablets or consume powders at multiple times throughout your busy day.

How does Amino-Phase work? Amino Phase is the only amino acid formula that uses a patented Duo-Phase Delivery System, a proprietary manufacturing process based on a new bi-layered tablet. In the first phase, one layer of the tablet dissolves and half of the essential amino acids are immediately available for absorption and utilization by the body. These contents may be present for three to four hours. Then, just when the first phase is complete, the second phase begins, releasing the second half of the essential amino acids from the remaining layer of the tablet. During this second phase, the tablets contents may be available for a longer period of time up to another eight hours.

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