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Ageless Growth from Age Defying Product

Ageless Growth 120ct Age Defying Product
Ageless Growth 120ct Age Defying Product
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Ageless Growth has been scientifically formulated to slow down the aging process by increasing the body’s production of testosterone and growth hormone while at the same time lowering unhealthy cortisol. The patent-pending Ageless Synergy BlendTM contains super anti-catabolic compounds for anti-aging and muscle building purposes.

In laboratory testing of Ageless Growth, it was found that on average, testosterone increased 25.6% in the first 30 minutes and unhealthy cortisol levels dropped 43% in 90 minutes. The results of these test were better than anyone expected. We here at SuperHealthCenter.com are happy to bring you this wonderful product.

Increase Growth Hormone (Independent studies showed that GH levels INCREASED by 21.7 times after 30 minutes, 12.6 times after 60 minutes and 7.1 times after 90 minutes after ingesting AgeLess Growth)

Increase Testosterone (Independent studies showed that testosterone levels INCREASED by 25.6% in as little as 30 minutes from ingesting AgeLess Growth)

Lower Cortisol (Independent studies showed that unhealthy cortisol levels were LOWERED by 21.6% in 30 minutes, 42.1% in 60 minutes and 43.3% in 90 minutes after digesting Ageless Growth)