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Adult Acne

You may think that you are alone in your literal battle against the bacteria that insidiously slips into your pores and proliferates like dandelions in your lawn. You can’t pinpoint exactly when it started, you just know that there’s another angry, skin puckering pocket of pus breeding its byproduct. And you brace yourself for the slow and deliberate rearing of its ugly head, crowning from its red pepper hued home like a full harvest moon. You itch to evict this parasitic mess from the delicate skin it scars on its pursuit to a fresh part of your face, but you know it will only aid its cause. Why is this happening to you? Why are you getting acne as an adult, must you live through the social woes and embarrassment, standing in line desperately trying to hide the reason behind your pimple cream purchase? What caused this to happen? Adult acne is not an uncommon affliction of many adults aged 30-45, in fact it is common enough to create a market for acne products designed specifically for the skin of older adults which, as we know, is markedly different than a typical acne afflicted teen. Adult Acne has a number of causes including stress, hormones, and genes. Stress can cause a decrease in your immune system’s ability to fight off the bacteria that loiters on the face of every person, allowing the mutiny to commence. Stressors can increase the amount of androgens released into the system that causes the skin’s balance of oil and cell turnover to be thrown off kilter.

Hormonal imbalance, usually higher testosterone levels in both men and women, create an increase in sebum (oil) production that clogs the pores by trapping skin cells, dirt, and bacteria; the perfect mix of ingredients to generate a zit big enough to draw the stares of concerned (and grossed out) coworkers. This imbalance can be related to aging and the natural flux of hormone levels, or less likely, a masculinizing condition that afflicts women. This precursor is caused by overzealous cell production working at a faster rate than you can shed them, creating little dirty dams in your pores.

And finally there’s the big bad genetic factor—some people are cursed with genes that generate pock mark makers. These people have parents whose skin suffered the assault of a poorly tuned skin system lacking in important vitamins and minerals normally present to keep pimples at bay. Notice that adult acne is not a result of diet---not sweets, or chocolate, or greasy slabs of pizza. That theory is just the ripe memory of your parents’ nagging you about your pimple sprinkled teenage face; its different when you’re grown up. With that in mind, it is important when you seek a remedy for your facial affliction, you walk away from the zit zappers marketed to these hormone riddled rug rats and turn instead to your nearest health and supplement store. In an effort to get down to the bacterial bottom of the problem, we consulted with www.superhealthcenter.com, notorious for their wide expanse of ailment oriented inventory and the knowledge to direct you. We proposed the three known causes of adult acne and what health centers had to offer as an intervention to these invisible assailants. “Adult acne is a complicated issue about which we’ve had many customers inquire. We definitely recommend to all of our customers our immune enhancing supplements to aid in fighting off the bacteria that naturally inhabit the pores, such as Immune Complex Organic.” This used alone is a preventative method for those who suffer the stress induced breakouts, www.superhealthcenter.com explained. “For adults suffering a hormone imbalance, we have natural hormone enhancers to offset testosterone triggered attacks called 6 OXO Extreme by Ergopharm. We also carry soy based protein products whose isoflavones enhance estrogenic effects in both genders.” And for those whose efforts seem an exercise in futility in the fight against their genetic predisposition? Superhealthcenter.com has an answer and products for them too. “The skin has nutrients that are essential to its integrity and growth; unfortunately they appear deficient in some people prone to acne. These elements are Zinc, Camphor, and Sulfur. Zinc products can be taken internally, as with our Twinlab Zinc, or Nature’s Science Zinc, or applied topically with Natralia’s Eczema and Psoriasis Cream.“ So you could essentially double your efforts against the body with both products. Superheatlhcenter.com also offers a camphor oil to be applied directly to the skin as a treatment of current problems or nightly as a preventative measure and to provide your skin the tools to toughen up your skins defense. Finally, sulfur, another necessary in the recipe for a resilient reflection, “is most beneficial when taken as a capsule daily as with Purvana Hair, Skin, and Nails; a product made to form a stronger dermal composition for healing and defense against aging and skin conditions.” Superhealthcenter.com carries these three vital ingredients in myriad forms and brands, all anxious to go to work on your face. “Unfortunately, people wait until a breakout to fix the immediate problem because of the unsightly appearance and social embarrassment they suffer. People aren’t informed by these products of the need to condition their skin daily with minerals, and vitamins to prevent the occurrence, because they treat the symptom, not the cause.

Unfortunately, while it may be temporarily effective, it can also be a quick skin stripping event whose cure is as long lasting as the brief relief brought on by reducing blemish size. We are committed to maintaining an up to date knowledge of the needs of every customer and the means to address the potential cause of discomfort and enlighten superhealthcenter.com’s clientele with tips on maintaining well being.” This invaluable and under-advertised advice was delivered by these nutrition gurus with the dedication and persistence of a pus making pimple. And they have the stock and information to prove their point.

So, there you have it, the secret world of sebum, sex hormones, and cell making monstrosities. You can stop the slow siphoning of your dollars and cents by indulging in moisture sucking salves aimed at temporary correction of external flaws, and fix the foundation of your face by nourishing the building blocks of beautiful skin. The resources allowing you to fertilize your face are available to you in abundance at www.superhealthcenter.com.