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Adipoxil Fat-Loss Thermogenic

Adipoxil 120ct iForce Nutrition
Adipoxil 120ct iForce Nutrition
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Adipoxil by iForce is a new thermogenic fat burner that takes fat-loss to a new level simply from the increase in a basal metabolic rate. Fat burning levels reach an all time high over any other thermogenic on the market today.

Adipoxil works in 3 ways to promote:

•Increased Fat Loss and More Muscle Definition
•Intense Energy and More Overall Thermogenesis
•Uncouples Proteins Stored in the Body

How Adipoxil works in your system:

First - Thyroidal Uncoupling: The first matrix in Adipoxil is the Uncoupling Metabolic Adipose Destruction (UMAD) Complex. This complex is a combination of compounds that dramatically increase the actions of your bodies thyroid as well as the presence of Uncoupling Proteins. Uncoupling Proteins are your body's tool for liberating stored fatty acids and releasing them from the mitochondria to be burned as energy. Together this will instantly turn your body into a fat burning furnace! These agents may not only increase your Basal Metabolic Rate, but may also increase your body's preference for burning fat and sparing muscle tissue! That means as the fat comes off, you will retain the muscle you have built or in some cases actually build MORE muscle.

Second – Mental and Physical Energy Systems: The second matrix in Adipoxil is the Thermophoric Mental Incinerator (TMI). The TMI matrix is a scientifically formulated blend of powerful mental and physical stimulants. This combination of compounds will dramatically increase energy levels and mental focus. All too often dieting casuses a drop in energy levels and a decrease in mental focus. By flooding the body with the precisely dosed TMI matrix, you will instantly feel a dramatic increase in energy levels and mental alertness, coupled with a rise in body temperature that will further augment the actions of the UMAD Complex. Clinical tests on the key ingredient in the TMI matrix showed an amazing 29% increase in metabolic rate coupled with a dramatic increase in athletic performance!

Third – Liberation of Stored Fatty Acids: The final Matrix of Adipoxil addresses a critical component of body recomposition and fat loss, insuring the body uses stored fat for fuel. This aspect is often not taken into consideration by other “fat burners,” which will result in a loss in muscle tissue and marginal fat loss. By applying the final matrix, the Lipolytic Oxidation Protocol, we can create a metabolic environment which specifically targets fat loss. After all, the goal is to lose bodyfat, while maintaining muscle and strength levels. The Lipolytic Oxidation Protocol is a specifically engineered matrix of compounds that increase your body's preference for stored fatty acids as fuel over muscle.

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