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11 OXO Selective Inhibitor

11 OXO 60ct ErgoPharm
11 OXO 60ct ErgoPharm
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Ergopharm proudly introduces 11-OXO, the first selective inhibitor of 11b-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase type I reductase. Finally, cortisol control that delivers on the promises.

Ergopharm has found the key to obtaining:

  • Decreased body fat (especially visceral adipose tissue)
  • Increased muscle density (hardness)
  • Enhanced insulin sensitivity and glycogen deposition
  • Increased strength
  • Improved brain and CNS function

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    Cortisol blockers

    Let’s face it in today’s world we all deal with stress levels that are very high. The higher amounts of stress in your life can increase the hormone called cortisol in your system. When cortisol is released into your system you can accumulate excess fat primarily in your midsection, hips and buttocks. Cortisol blockers are made to supply the body with important glucose at times of physical or mental stress and block the release of cortisol and help keep excess fat from building up on our bodies.

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