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1-AD from ErgoPharm

1-AD 60ct ErgoPharm
1-AD 60ct ErgoPharm
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1-Ad by ErgoPharm ErgoPharm has re-released one of the best prohormone supplements ever. In 2005 1-androstenedione and 1-androstenediol (the two versions of the original 1-AD) were banned and made controlled substances by the Anabolic Steroid Control Act. Now ErgoPharm’s 1-Ad testosterone boosting compound “1-androstenolone” will give you the advantage of the original formula. Available now at SuperHealthCenter.com.

Benefits of using 1-AD:
• Boost your testosterone level
• Increase your lean muscle mass
• Achieve huge strength gains

How to use 1-AD

The new 1-AD is to be cycled exactly the same as the old 1-AD. Typical dosages for males range from 3 capsules to 6 capsules a day, however gains can be made for some at lower dosages. 1 AD prohormone should be taken with meals. Cycles typically last 3-6 weeks, and should be followed up with post cycle therapy (PCT). For PCT we suggest either 6-OXO and/or 6-OXO extreme (taken as directed on their respective labels), and PCT should last 3-5 weeks.